What to Expect from NYFW 2017

While every day is a runway show for some New Yorkers, twice a year the whole city really does turn into a giant collection of catwalks, where the most cutting-edge fashions are on full display. That’s right, New York Fashion Week is back! New this year is a wider selection of shows open to the general public than ever before. Here’s your guide to seeing everything you can at NYFW 2017.

What exactly is NYFW?

The world of fashion is constantly changing, but NYFW has established itself as a reliable source of some of the world’s best fashion. New York Fashion Week is only one of four biannual Fashion Weeks around the world (London, Paris, and Milan host the others) but it always generates an outsize share of the buzz.

New York Fashion Week runs September 7 – 14, and is American design labels’ big chance to show off their spring 2018 collection. You can expect to see stunning shows by longstanding all-stars like Oscar de la Renta and Tom Ford, as well as thrilling new collections from more boutique names like PH5 and Lela Rose.

Can I watch the runway shows during NYFW 2017?

If you’re looking to start planning your personal NYC Fashion Week experience, the website Fashion Week Online has a full schedule for you to peruse. But before you get too excited, remember that most runway shows are closed to the public— you’ll need an industry pass to get in.

If you’re ready to start decrying the elitist nature of Fashion Week, you’re not alone. Every season brings a familiar chorus of people criticizing the fashion industry, predicting the demise of its biggest institutions, and claiming the traditions like Fashion Week, and even runway shows in general, are passe. But every season, these doomsday predictions are proven wrong by the overwhelming media hype—not to mention the pure creative energy and beauty—surrounding the shows.


Don’t despair: This year, real changes have been made to widen the audience base, and you don’t have to be an industry insider to get inside fashion week. For any show you can’t see in person, check out the livestreams that will be broadcast throughout the week. And of course, the fashion shows are just a small part of NYFW 2017. Catch just as much of the action streetside, outside the events, as celebrities and fashionistas (your chance to shine!) pose for the cameras.