The Ultimate Guide to Shopping on Black Friday in NYC

Black Friday Shopping

If you were in NYC for Thanksgiving Day and caught the famed Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you already have a good idea of how thoroughly the city becomes overwhelmed by the holiday season. But that was just the beginning. The holiday madness begins in earnest the next morning, with the onset of Black Friday. Stand on any street corner from Midtown to SoHo and you’re likely to see a swarm of people with hands so full of shopping bags they can’t even hold their phones or lattes. Don’t be intimidated by the crowds — everyone is out looking for a great deal, just like you. Here are our inside tips about scoring big on Black Friday in NYC.

Hit the city’s best department stores.

For the throngs of people trying to access the city’s best shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year, an endless wait on cramped subway cars awaits them. Lucky for you, Hotel 48LEX is in the thick of the world’s most prestigious shopping. Fresh from breakfast and a brisk morning walk, you’ll already have a leg up on the other shoppers. Your two best bets for high-end Black Friday deals are Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman, which both have histories of offering deep discounts, special beauty events, gift-with-purchase offers, and even some morning snacks. This is where to pick up all the designer labels your most discerning in-laws and treasured friends expect.

Get out of Midtown.

Once you’ve gotten those high-end early-bird specials, you’ll want to get out of Midtown before the crowds get too intense. This is the perfect excuse to head to Manhattan’s newest (and shiniest) shopper’s paradise: Brookfield Place. Standing tall on the city’s downtown Hudson Riverfront, Brookfield offers an assortment of luxury and mid-level retailers, from Saks Fifth Avenue to J. Crew, to really beef up the day’s haul. There’s a food court like you’ve never seen before, outdoor areas to catch a quick breath of fresh air, and plenty of specialty stores to round out your list.

Get outside.

Brookfield is an amazing mall, but, at the end of the day, it’s still a mall. If it starts feeling a little too suburban and you need a truly unique city shopping experience, head to one of the winter villages located in some of Manhattan’s most famous public squares. Hosting an array of jewel-box-style stalls of independent shops, selling everything from handmade cashmere to fantastical children’s toys, these unique shopping villages are the perfect place to find that one last elusive thing on your list, and to impress family members with the range of your shopping know-how. They also have food stalls to find a very New York dinner, and the Bryant Park village has a skating rink perfect for kids or a romantic date — if you can still stand at the end of the day.