New York City’s Best Instagram Accounts

New York City is the city that never sleeps, so that leaves lots of time for posting photos on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, there are hundreds of NYC-specific handles. Here are the best New York City Instagram accounts.

For the moody, brooding days: Visual Memories
Followers: 354k

This anonymous photographer has a thing for rainy days. Many of the photos have a trench-coated film-noir feel, focusing street-level scene. The occasional skyline pics bring things back to big scale. Playing with puddles, under-the-umbrella shots and raindrops, she (or he) shows New York at its moodiest.

For the art (and dog) lover: Miss Pickle
Followers: 12K

French bulldog Miss Pickle is actually the city’s savviest art hound. Shuttling from one gallery to another, she shows her followers what’s new in the contemporary art scene.

For the human touch: Humans of New York
Followers: 7.8m

A collection of portraits and excerpts from conversations between a photographer and random pedestrians in New York City, HONY began as a book and blog in 2010, and has since grown into an Instagram phenomenon. Every day, followers get brief insights into the lives of individuals found on the street. Even President Obama has taken his turn chatting and posing for the man behind it all, Brandon Stanton.

For the reservation inspiration: Eater NY
Followers: 205k

Some people will tell you that the best part of New York City is its food, and they’re not entirely wrong. No NYC food account has as much range as Eater NY’s. Expect gorgeous overhead shots of pizzas, dim sum platters and desserts—perfect for planning dinner reservations. Eater’s also great source for restaurant news.


For the local news (but actually for the cartoons): The New Yorker
Followers: 2.3m

The New Yorker has some of the best local coverage, and shares exposés on subjects ranging from restaurateurs to city crime trends. And while the stories and subsequent photography are always fascinating, the healthy balance of witty cartoons is another reason to follow.