Where to Plan Your Business Lunch in Midtown

Eat + Drink

Location, location, location: Everyone knows to keep the number one rule of real estate in mind when buying property, but it’s just as important when sitting down to lunch. The restaurant you choose can set the tone for the entire meeting. And if you’re from out of town, your knowledge of Manhattan’s most prestigious addresses will be all the more impressive. Whether you’re choosing the spot or scoping out your business partner’s choice, here’s a quick rundown of the must-know restaurants in Midtown Manhattan for power lunches.

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How to Travel by Taxi Like a New Yorker

Like a New Yorker

NYC is famous for its 24-hour subway system, yes, but when it’s hot, rainy or if you’re just plain running late, getting to your destination by taxi is often the most hassle-free option. Whether you opt for one of NYC’s yellow cabs or an Uber, here’s how to tell your driver to get you to your destination—and sound like a local.

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How to Have the Perfect NYC Spa Night

Fashion + Style, Travel Inspiration

Plenty of people visit the city to have a NYC spa experience. So why not get pampered from the comfort of your hotel room? Hotel 48LEX invites you to Mix + Mask with indulgent in-room spa products and craft cocktails in our selection of suites. Read on to find out how to plan the perfect NYC spa night.

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