How to Spend an Afternoon in Grand Central

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When New York’s Grand Central Terminal opened a little over 100 years ago, architectural firm Reed and Stem’s plans called for the building of an entire new city surrounding the Beaux-Arts station. While that train-centered city was never fully realized, the station alone is packed with a day’s worth of things to see and do.

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Shopping Local in Manhattan’s Midtown East

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Installation view of GNY: 5 Year Review at MoMA PS1, May 7–October 18, 2010. Photo: Matthew Septimus

The holiday season is upon us and with Hotel 48LEX’s Cyber Monday Sale – you’ll have plenty of savings to get out there and shop, dine and see the city. Lucky for you we’re located in one of the premier neighborhoods for holiday festivities – from the tree in Rockefeller Center to 5th Avenue shopping. But there’s plenty of other Midtown gems as well. Use some of those savings to explore and support the businesses that make Midtown so magical this time of year.

Lexington Brass


You don’t have to go far for an authentic New York holiday meal. Settle in to the plush leather seating, order our exclusive, three-course $30 prix fixe dinner for guests-only, and take in the classic views of Lexington Avenue from Lexington Brass.

Little Collins


Popular with the locals, this little café serves up strong espresso and an Australian-inspired brekkie. The Smash (avocado toast) has wide appeal, but a Pick Me Up (omelet sandwich with tabasco, tomatoes and caramelized onions) to start your day is highly recommended.

The Museum of Modern Art


Enhance your stay in Midtown with a visit to The Museum of Modern Art. In addition to its renowned permanent collection, MoMA presents special exhibitions that are often among the best tickets in town.


If you’re late to an outing or suffered a last-minute spill—or you’re just looking for the next big thing in suit shopping—try out Suitsupply. It’s the Zara of high-end suits (and provides all the uniforms for our staff!), a suit store on the fast fashion model. Most pieces are off the rack but tailoring is available. While the store prides itself on being accessible to everyone, don’t worry—you can still get all the Italian wool you want.

Café Grumpy


Café Grumpy lets their coffee speak for itself. The company started roasting its own beans in 2009 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s since expanded to locations around the city, and still focuses on quality and selecting beans from socially and environmentally responsible producers worldwide. Stop at the Grand Central Terminal shop for espresso, brewed coffee, and locally-sourced pastries. Don’t miss an excellent opportunity for people watching as busy commuters make their way in and out of the terminal.

10 Quintessential New York City Foods

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Every city has its culinary specialties. Boston has chowder, Miami has the cubano, Baltimore has the crab cake. But this is New York, so we have a lot of them. Here are ten quintessential New York City foods.

Every city has its culinary specialties. Boston has chowder, Miami has the cubano, Baltimore has the crab cake. But this is New York, so we have a lot of them. Here are 10 quintessential NYC foods.

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3 Times Square Restaurants Worth Trying

Eat + Drink

Times Square: the crossroads of the world. This is the beating heart of the city for tourists and locals alike. Its 24-hour spots, including our favorite Times Square restaurants, earn New York the name “the city that never sleeps”. Here are our favorite places to grab a bite to eat.

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Where to Plan Your Business Lunch in Midtown

Eat + Drink

Location, location, location: Everyone knows to keep the number one rule of real estate in mind when buying property, but it’s just as important when sitting down to lunch. The restaurant you choose can set the tone for the entire meeting. And if you’re from out of town, your knowledge of Manhattan’s most prestigious addresses will be all the more impressive. Whether you’re choosing the spot or scoping out your business partner’s choice, here’s a quick rundown of the must-know restaurants in Midtown Manhattan for power lunches.

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5 Classic NYC Restaurants to Try Now

Eat + Drink

With new restaurants opening throughout the year, it’s easy to forget the tried-and-true classics that have stood the test of time—some for more than a century! Here are the best restaurants in NYC near Hotel 48LEX that will never go out of style.

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The Best Hidden Restaurants in NYC

Eat + Drink

Walk down most streets in Manhattan and you’ll find that most restaurants make themselves known with massive signage and lights. But some of the city’s best places to eat are harder to find. Whether it’s in the basement of an unassuming building or up an unmarked flight of stairs, these hidden restaurants in NYC give you the best possible taste of insider New York. 

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