10 NYC Spins On Your Favorite Fall Activities

Central Park during autumn in New York City.

Autumn is coming back, which is exciting for those of us who love all of the most typical, stereotypical fall delights. If you’re the type who enjoys something a bit more nuanced, or unique, then you might want to try putting a New York spin on any pumpkin-spiced tradition you can imagine. 

For a little guidance, we put together this brief guide on how to add local flavor to your autumnal adventures in and around the Big Apple. 

  1. Eat Autumn-Inspired… Everything! 

For those of us who live in smaller towns, autumn usually inspires the arrival of some cider, some donuts, and a handful of seasonal specialties. New York City, however, goes harder. From baked apple rings at Schaller & Weber to apple crisp pudding from Magnolia Bakery and pumpkin spice latte cookies at Chip City, there are truly too many seasonal specialties to sample while you’re in town.


  1. Root For Your Home Football Team… At Their NYC Bar! 

If you’re watching football in the fall, you’re likely going to want to wear your team’s uniform, watch their game, and root for them. This can be uncomfortable in some cities that aren’t your hometown, but it doesn’t have to be here. New York City has a bar for every team in the NFL, so you can find your favorite for your fall Sundays in town.


  1. Apple Picking… At The Farmers Market

There are a lot of recommendations out there for getting out of the city and apple picking at nearby orchards. But we think that you can have just as much fun exploring the mind-blowing variety of apples at farmers markets like the Union Square Greenmarket and 57th Street Greenmarket. You can find apples from around the world and meet the people sourcing them.


  1. Go See the Foliage… in Central Park

Leaf peeping is a common, stereotypical, and downright lovely fall activity that people enjoy around the country. Here in New York City, you can check out the foliage in arguably the most iconic outdoor space of all time — Central Park. The bright oranges and reds with the Midtown backdrop are truly remarkable.


  1. Discover More Beautiful Leaves… from a Boat! 

For those looking to get out of town for a little adventure, you can rent a car and find a ton of great foliage in nearby Upstate New York. Or you can go around in style by booking a trip on one of these Fall Foliage Cruises in NYC, which range from 2 to 5 hours with drinks, food, and stellar views up the Hudson.


  1. Start Halloween Early… in Times Square! 

Every Halloween, people around the country put on costumes to emulate their favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, and pop culture icons. Every day people do the same thing here in Times Square. If you want to celebrate Halloween early in New York, head to the streets of Times Square for a photo with Spiderman, and shop for endless toys at shops like the Disney Store.


  1. Go to a Halloween Party… in the Streets! 

Halloween parties in apartments and houses are cool and all, but it’s tough to compare them to an all-out parade in the streets of Manhattan. Check out the NYC Village Halloween Parade this year for the 49th time in Greenwich Village to dance with costumed locals and travelers flooding the neighborhood.


  1. Celebrate Thanksgiving… with Flying Cartoons! 

In an equally bold and magnificent fashion, New York City approaches fall’s other major holiday — Thanksgiving — like no place else. The best example of this is the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which features the truly one-of-a-kind spectacle of giant floats with the likenesses of Snoopy, Spongebob, and many more iconic characters soaring between the city’s skyscrapers with the whole world watching.


  1. Chow Down on a Farm Fresh Burger… in Midtown! 

Farm visits and eating delicious, hearty food are also staples of the fall season. If you’re traveling in the city and want those flavorful bites, check out FARMTOBURGER, which is located inside the Aliz Hotel. The smashed burgers and short rib chili are sure to hit right this fall. If you’re not a meat eater, fear not, FARMTOBURGER also has a delicious salmon burger, caesar salad, french fries, and a plant-based Impossible Burger with tahini and red onions.


  1. Warm Up with a Classic Cocktail… From Lexington Brass 

If you’re looking to warm up with a drink this fall in New York City, you can also find more than a few high-end options at Lexington Brass at Hotel 48LEX New York. The Brass Manhattan with Woodford Reserve Rye, Antica Formula Cherry Liqueur, Dry Curacao, and Lillet Blanc is a great choice for a chilly day in September, October, or November. You could also do well with a Left Hand “Nitro” milk stout or one of the many high-end red wines on hand.