Enjoy an At-Home Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Like a New Yorker, Travel Inspiration

Discover and Learn About NYC’s Famous Landmarks

We might not be able to travel now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the benefits of travel from home. Let the kids explore, discover, and learn about a new destination with the Hotel 48LEX Scavenger Hunt. Below you’ll find printable cards of New York City’s most famous landmarks, each complete with an interesting fact about the site. Print them out and hide them throughout the house, and see how long it takes the kids to uncover these gems for themselves. They’ll learn about historical sites, modern marvels, and everything else the Big Apple has to offer. Whoever finds a card earns the point value written on it, and they can earn bonus points if they remember the fun fact at the end.

Scavenger Hunt Cards


48 Hours in the Upper East Side Like a New Yorker

Like a New Yorker, Travel Inspiration

If you want to follow the well-heeled locals in New York, just spend 48 hours on the Upper East Side. The neighborhood’s doors lead to many of the city’s best restaurants and cultural attractions — and chances are at least one will be held by a white-glove doorman. And because it’s located just a hop, skip, and jump from Midtown, it’s easy to spend the weekend on the Upper East Side.

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48 Hours in Midtown Like a New Yorker

Like a New Yorker

New York, New York (So Good They Named It Twice). The Big Apple packs in enough things to do and see for a lifetime, but what if you only have the weekend? Even if you’re just in town for a long weekend, our guide to 48 hours in Midtown will help you experience it the right way — like a New Yorker.

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How to Do Thanksgiving in NYC Like a New Yorker

Eat + Drink, Like a New Yorker, Travel Inspiration

The holidays in NYC have been chronicled in countless movies, but living the magic yourself is a whole new experience. While many empty out of the city for Thanksgiving, like transplants who return home, the locals stay behind. From the spectacle of the world’s most famous parade to an array of outdoor events that will make the city feel like a world all your own, here’s how to do Thanksgiving like a real New Yorker.

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