How to Do Thanksgiving in NYC Like a New Yorker


The holidays in NYC have been chronicled in countless movies, but living the magic yourself is a whole new experience. While many empty out of the city for Thanksgiving, like transplants who return home, the locals stay behind. From the spectacle of the world’s most famous parade to an array of outdoor events that will make the city feel like a world all your own, here’s how to do Thanksgiving like a real New Yorker.


Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Locals love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. On TV. From the comfort and warmth of your salon at Hotel 48LEX, you can watch the spectacle unfold.

Get Outside

Skip the parade and hit a bike route instead. The Pilgrim Pedal bike ride, a 10-mile excursion through Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, is the perfect way to see the city like only locals do. There’s even a pancake breakfast halfway.

Eat Out

New Yorker’s rarely cook, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Here in Midtown Manhattan, our very own Lexington Brass won’t let you down for a Thanksgiving dinner you won’t soon forget.

Enjoy a Nightcap

Let’s be honest. The holidays are stressful. If you’re traveling, meeting in-laws, or otherwise confronting stress of any kind, you’ll feel better just knowing there’s a place you can get a drink or two at the end of the night. From authentic neighborhood dives like BillyMark’s West in Chelsea, to more reputable establishments like the Library in the East Village, there are plenty of places to get a nightcap on Thanksgiving night. Don’t feel like going out into the cold? Enjoy unbeatable cocktails right here at Hotel 48LEX.

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