Travel Like a Boss with These Elite Business Travel Tips

Hotel 48LEX is no stranger to the business traveler, so we’ve picked up a thing or two from our savvy guests on how to handle the nomadic lifestyle. Travel like a boss with these elite business travel tips.

Join a Co-Working Space

On the road, business travelers often need to set up shop for a full day of uninterrupted work. Using a short term coworking space can be far more convenient and comfortable than operating out of a cafe. Hotels with WiFi and business centers, like 48LEX for example, also do the trick. If you want a little extra space, though, try WeWork Commons at just $45 a month for space and free coffee. They have locations in 12 cities in the U.S., as well as offices in Israel, the UK and the Netherlands.

Scour Trusted Food Blogs

Eater is one of the most comprehensive food blogs in the world. Its city-specific pages feature heat maps—lists of new and trendy restaurants—and neighborhood guides for nearly thirty major cities around the country. Check out what’s on the up and up in the city you’re headed to and then impress clients and colleagues with your delicious insights.

The Infatuation is another popular food blog offering features, reviews and guides. Sign up for their beta “Tex Rex” service for personalized recommendations delivered instantly via text message in New York and 5 other U.S. cities.

Carry a Portable Fabric Steamer

One of the greatest challenges of business travel is keeping your suits and blouses free of wrinkles after long flights folded away in a suitcase. You can usually rely on an iron and board in your hotel room, but it can be time consuming. For those rushes from airport to meeting, grab this PurSteam Elite Portable Fabric Steamer so you can stay slick and crisp 24/7.

Splurge for a Hot Spot

Using your phone as a portable WiFi router isn’t exactly groundbreaking technology anymore, yet most data plans still don’t include it. Before taking a business trip, check your contract and upgrade to one with a hot spot if necessary. Otherwise, you may find yourself without service and without internet access when you need to send an important email or hit a deadline.

Stay in Shape for Free

Most gyms offer four- to seven-day free trials for potential members. Guests of Hotel 48LEX need not worry about this, as we have a state of the art facility on property, but if your next spot in the next city doesn’t, find the nearest gym and ask about a trial membership.

Enjoy Some Down Time

When the work day is over, or if your business trip includes a free weekend, don’t forget to experience the city’s local culture. Spotted by Locals offers mobile app city guides in 66 cities, filled with recommendations by locals who live in the city, speak the local language, and recommend only their favorite spots.