Cool Off With the Best NYC Ice Cream


Ice cream is a favorite simple pleasure during the summertime. And now they’re one of the most Instagram-friendly desserts on the planet. Yes, you want your treat to look great for the ‘gram — but you also want it to taste good, too. These are our favorite NYC ice cream shops to try this summer.

Ample Hills

Consistently rated the best ice cream in New York, Ample Hills is famous for its creamy bases and textured bites (think fruity pebbles, M&Ms, and pretzels). Don’t miss their new flagship creamery on Fulton Ferry Landing. The Ample Hills Creamery Fire Boat House is located at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and the backdrop is amazing Manhattan skyline views.


Almost the opposite of always-packed Ample Hills, Morgenstern’s is a lesser-known creamery without the lines — and without the toppings. This ice cream shop favors smooth, simple scoops with a focus on more traditional flavors, as well as some specials such as salt-and-pepper pine nut, cinnamon whiskey, and salted chocolate.


Looking for something a bit less heavy than ice cream? Italian ices by Ritas are a long-time city favorite. Available in a wide variety of flavors and vibrant colors, this icy treat is a refreshing way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Van Leeuwen Multiple locations

With pastel colors and serif font, the designed pints from Van Leeuwen are Instagram-ready. Hip New Yorkers go here for vegan options, such as the Oat Milk Latte flavor, as well as classic favorites like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Ready to try the best NYC ice cream?

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